At Blendle we value the Freedom and Responsibility of giving Proactive and Honest feedback to drive excellent Team Work. We try to build input points into everything we do. We even got feedback on upgrading our Feedback process - all of which is incorporated into the new process below.

Typical Feedback Moments @ Blendle:

The Quarterly Coaching Feedback Process

At least every Quarter we want to make sure you get a formal feedback and coaching conversation focused on your personal and professional development, and progress. And luckily, the quarterly process aligns to the timing of our Objectives Goals Strategies Measures, so you can chat about both with your manager at the same time.

The Process:

YOU run your process - End to End. By having full ownership you control your development (that **responsible value again ๐Ÿ™‚) and focus on teamwork **and ****honesty ****by discussing feedback together (rather than through your manager). So you're developing from the development process itself!

Let's get started.....!

(1) Complete the Self-Assessment. An overview is sent direct to your inbox.

Self Assessment Form

(2) Ask Others - send a request with the link to the 360 feedback form, to your chosen 3 colleagues (from any team) and your manager . As soon as they respond it will be sent direct to your inbox.

360 Feedback Form

(3) If you have questions on your feedback, grab a coffee with your team-mates to clarify (this is not mandatory)

(4) Consolidate everything, compare your self assessment to peer feedback, prepare ideas and set-up a coaching session with your manager. While you lead the session, your manager will coach you with the goal of agreeing on your development plan. Click below for the template and Save a Copy to your own drive.

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

My Development Plan Template

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