Blendle has been a "recognised sponsor" by IND sinds 2018. This means we are allowed to employ highly skilled knowledge migrants and relocate them to the Netherlands.

Blendle offers highly skilled migrants a great relocation package and compensations. For the migration and relocation part, Blendle works with Expat Management Group. EMG has a dedicated team involved for the coordination and assistance in immigration, relocation and tax services.

Blendle Relocation package

What we offer is flexible and can be adjusted to certain personal needs. But we highly recommend to stick with this all-in-one package to reduce any hassle and stress when relocating to the Netherlands.

Where to start

We can basically hire anyone from anywhere in the world. But the migration and relocation procedure will be different for some countries. It's good to know that the migration procedure and relocation can take up to 8 weeks. So when interviewing a new candidate, that should be something to be aware of. The information below should give you a good idea of what the differences are between different countries.

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As a lead, if you want to move forward with a candidate and make an offer, please contact HR for support first. In general the procedure looks like something like this:

  1. There is a green light after the pair session;