Saying goodbye to Blendle (from a colleague) and to a colleague (from Blendle) is a very normal and natural thing. When done right, it can even be a beautiful thing.

We advise you to read the backdrop below first, but feel free to jump in right away with the 'Here's what you can do'-section :). General note: you do not have to do this alone, so please ask for advice and help!

Here's what you can do:

  1. Actively think about the possibility that someone's time at Blendle is up. At least every month for everyone in your team.
  2. Flag this at HR/MT when that happens.
  3. Ask for help if needed already at this stage.
  4. Analyse (maybe together) the problem and give feedback to the person in question: try to get on the same page about where things go 'wrong'. These are pointers which might steer your thoughts. Real situations are always more complex.
  5. Try to fix it together. Come up with a plan to improve the situation. Put a plan in motion and keep giving feedback.
  6. Finish it up on time if the situation is not progressing. You can do someone a favour by telling them the time has come to move on. This is the part where you signal HR, Rick and Alex that both parties tried everything but you think it's best to part ways. They will help you through the process.

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